My experience in second week of FDP101x

In the second week of the FDP101x, according to me, the following points are found to be of great importance for the faculty learning:

  1. The basic knowledge of the internet and how it works.
  2. Information of  web page creation with open source softwares:
    • WordPress
    • Drupal
  3. The WordPress is easy to use for setting up the web site to share the information with the World.
  4. The usage of the web site by faculty will benefit him/her and also to their students.
    • The faculty will have the online record of his course activities which act as a portfolio of his teachings
      • By referring to it  he/she can improve his teachings next time
    • With the course web site of faculty, student will be be able to interact and discuss the course content among themselves.


Kindly give me the feedback.



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