Course Journal FDP101x

The following link is the course journal of FDP101x at IIT BombayX.



Visual design consideration-Presentation

The following is the presentation prepared according to the visual design consideration taught in FDP101x course at IIT BombayX platform.

Presentation-Visual Consideration-FDP101x

The visual considerations  in the presentation are:

Use of Sans-Serif font family – Arial

Use of gray shade color – light-grey for Title and Dark-grey for the content

Use of bullet with four to six words in each bullet.

My experience in second week of FDP101x

In the second week of the FDP101x, according to me, the following points are found to be of great importance for the faculty learning:

  1. The basic knowledge of the internet and how it works.
  2. Information of  web page creation with open source softwares:
    • WordPress
    • Drupal
  3. The WordPress is easy to use for setting up the web site to share the information with the World.
  4. The usage of the web site by faculty will benefit him/her and also to their students.
    • The faculty will have the online record of his course activities which act as a portfolio of his teachings
      • By referring to it  he/she can improve his teachings next time
    • With the course web site of faculty, student will be be able to interact and discuss the course content among themselves.


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My experience in first week of FDP101x

In the first week of the FDP101x, I have learned the following things:

  1. The need to move from physical classroom to online classroom, and its few  advantages among the many are pointed out as follows:
    • It offers flexibility in terms of pace and timings of learning according to the capability of the students from different background.
    • The online content can be distributed to the Worldwide students.
    • The involvement of the student to the learning content will be enhanced.
    • The learning extension resources provided may extend the vision of the student to attempt the given problem
    • The learning discussion forum improves the communication skill, and he or she will be benefited with their peer knowledge.
  2. The information about the ICT tools to be used while teaching.
  3. The importance of maintaining the course journal during learning any course.

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